Welcome to The Caffeinated Sloth!

There are many prolific writers in the world, able to sit down and type out a masterpiece immediately as it forms in the creative centers of their brains. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. I am the type of writer that thinks of something ridiculous right before sleeping, writes it down, and then drinks a carafe of coffee the next day. That’s how sloths write, that’s how caffeine helps.

As a traveler I’ve slowly crawled my way across the globe a few times, remembering to stop and take in what I see. I try to take in everything I can and leave myself as a raw nerve upon the world. This is my portfolio of all the rediculous and strange things I saw around the world, and the short stories they led me to write.

Read some of the great feedback my writing has received thus far:

“A series of masterpieces by a talented and handsome young man.” – My mother

“I think you spelled ‘ridiculous’ wrong in the third paragraph.” – My older brother

“TL;DR” – Most of my friends


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